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“If you’re looking for substantive music, look no further than The Animal Band’s latest offering. Animal Rock offers a variety of styles, the common element being leader Jim Moore’s soulful, pleasantly gritty vocals. The upbeat pop of “Dreams and Jelly Beans” for example encourages everyone to get along, the Bob Seger-ish strut of “First Step” illustrates how “The journey of a million miles/Starts by putting on your shoes,” and the horn-punctuated midtempo rocker “Change” is an environmental call to action. There’s purely fun stuff too, including two funk workouts, “Roller Coaster”, and “Shake”. Guest musicians include: Fleetwood Mac’s Rick Vito, and Shane Theriot from The Neville Brothers Band. Throughout, the musicianship is tight, confident, and thoroughly enjoyable.” FAMILY FUN MAGAZINE

Last spring at an Animal Band concert in the War Memorial Auditorium, the audience was going crazy – in a great way. In dire anticipation the large resounding room was a-buzz with fidgety fans, many of whom had come straight from the office for the early evening show. Right on time, The Animal Band bounded on stage and presto! Audience members ran from their seats to the floor in front of the stage and started shakin’ it. And they never stopped.  The Animal Band has got what it takes to make people happy: Loads of energy and fun, creative songs. The latest release from the band and the irrepressible Jim Moore, is a hot ticket. “UNCAGED” is packed with 10 tunes all well-produced and clever in both lyrics and melodies. Take for instance “Rockasaurus Pop”, a fast stompin’get-em goin’ number that’ll make anybody boogie or “Pajama Island”, a kind of love-boat meets lullabye land romp. In “Pilgrims, Indians, and Us”, the band delivers a heart-felt plea for peace among all people – a solid Thanksgiving message.” MUSIC MATTERS REVIEW

“Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand like some kind of ostrich, you’ve probably heard of The Animal Band, an ensemble of performers who have gained national recognition in a mere four years time. Their first release “Are We There Yet“, is snappy, well-produced and plain old fun. Jim Moore, the creator of the band, penned most of the 10 cuts himself, blending pop, rock, country, reggae and blues – making it addictive to listen to. From the rollicking “Rockin Roly Poly”, to the educational “911” and “Recycle Everyday”, The Animal Band is always entertaining and easy to sing-a-long with. One song I particularly enjoyed “Are We There Yet?”, chronicles a family traveling in a car and the kids asking the inevitable even though the trip has barely begun.”  HOT MUSIC REVIEWS

“In all my years working behind the scenes at various film festivals, I have never seen anything like the energy created by The Animal Band’s film “Imagination Dance”. Both Adults and kids alike went wild over the audience participation.”      Treyton Williams -Nashville Film Festival

“He has the moves of a Backstreet Boy, rocks out with a positive message and is one of the hardest working men in show business. He is Jim Moore, founder and front man of The Animal Band, author, headliner at the Grand Ole Opry House, and entertainer of Presidents and First Ladies”.                         PTO TODAY MAGAZINE

“One of the most engaging live acts that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! Jim Moore has the uncanny ability to captivate huge audiences of both adults and kids from the opening song until the curtain falls. A profound songwriter that will have you laughing one moment then deeply in thought the next. Both television and live audiences LOVE The Animal Band.”  Chuck Williams, FOX TV

“Consummate professionals with exceptional production quality and musicianship. The songs explore topics near and dear to the heart, in a particularly engaging fashion.”                                                                                                                                                                            – Moira McCormick, Disney’s Family Fun Magazine

“If Garth Brooks had a family show, it would be something like The Animal Band! It was amazing to see a huge crowd of both adults and kids laughing and participating in the fun dynamics of the songs. The Animal Band’s winning combination of great music with memorable lyrics, colorful costumes and fun audience participation left everyone begging for more.”  – Robert Reeves, NBC TV

“The Animal Band is clean, wholesome entertainment for the larger general audience that want to have a great time. Plain old fun and lots of experimental sound combinations make for one positive project brimming to the gills with creativity.” – Independent Songwriter Magazine

“Consistently one of the top family shows in America, The Animal Band delivers a great entertainment value and the audiences return year after year.” – Jack Hawthorne, Show Producers

“They set a new attendance record for our Family Series, and even out sold a popular Broadway show. An outstanding group of entertainers! Our patrons fell in love with them and bought every CD, cassette, and shirt on the concessions tables.” – Joe Ferlo, Exec. Director Capitol Civic Center, Manitowoc, WI

“The City of Las Vegas’ Summer Concert Series has presented Jim Moore both as a solo act and with The Animal Band. Both concerts were alive with music, laughing and singing. Jim gets everyone involved! We rarely have a group return for the series, but Jim’s performances are so successful that we asked him to return and will do so again in the future.” – Reed Whipple Arts Center/Las Vegas, NV

“Some of the area’s most affluent officials were transformed into frogs, crocodiles and elephants Tuesday, thanks to an exuberant performance by Jim Moore, who served as guest speaker at the Capitol Civic Centre’s annual meeting. Moore brought the meeting to an explosive close with the program “Chasing the Dream”, a tale of his rise to success, which in some ways echoes the story of the Civic Centre, a long-time dream, which has been a wonderful reality since the theatre re-opened.”                                                                 – Brenda Erickson, Lifestyle Editor Manitowoc, WI

“We booked Jim Moore’s Animal Rock production for three performances and the demand was so great, we had to add two additional shows.” – Joann Leal, Cheboygan Opera House Cheboygan, MI

“Jim, the performance at the park was outstanding! The crowd really got into your music. You took the time to sign autographs and talk with those who just wanted to know more about you and your music. As if I wasn’t impressed already, the one moment that will always stand out in my mind and remain in my heart was when a school-aged boy approached you and was so excited because he had seen you on television. He couldn’t believe that someone so famous was at the park in Saluda.  You took the time to go over to him and shake his hand. But you didn’t stop there, you said to him, “now tell me your name again.” So the boy told you his name, and as you repeated it and thanked him for coming to see you, I could see the delight in his face that someone so important and famous in his eyes had taken the time to talk with him, shake his hand, ask him his name and if he had enjoyed the concert. When the boy walked away beaming with pride, I knew he would never forget that famous, fun singer who took the time to notice him while making him feel so important and special. Thanks so much for those you touched with your music and caring personality while you were in Saluda.” First Steps – Saluda, SC

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